Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top 10 Skateboarding Lists I Found By Searching For Skateboarding Lists On The Internets

I'm not usually one to flog a dead horse, but I have this handy flogger right here and all kinds of dead horses within arm's reach, so what the hell?

10. 10 Best Songs Used In Skate Videos

9. 25 Best Skate Brands Right Now

8. 50 Richest Skateboarders

7. 10 Top Movies With Skateboarding In Them

6. 50 Greatest Skate Shoes

5. 7 Most Terrifying Skate Shoes

4. 15 Best Skateboard Photographers

3. 10 Best Noseslides In Skateboard History

2. 10 Best Skateboard Tricks Caught On Video

1. 10 Top Skaters To Follow On Instagram


Templeton said...

I contemplated doing a list of top ten skaters you should not follow on Instagram.

james said...

Please do

skating person said...

lol yess the D3s. True skateboarding shoes right there. old skool